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Welcome to the International Trade Roots web site!

This new service consists of true cultural consulting, utilizing true international roots from all over our immigrant population. The goal is to empower exporting companies in their efforts to export their products and services by matching them with immigrants that will provide their expertise. This new service empowers immigrants by utilizing their knowledge of their homeland, sharing cultural tips, business etiquette and networking contacts.

This project has two main objectives:

  1. To prepare, assist and encourage Nova Scotia companies to increase exports.
  2. To assist immigrants in their integration, to build potential networking contacts with exporting companies and to enable immigrants to build an income stream from sharing their knowledge with exporters.

Additionally, this service may well encourage future full time employment for immigrants matched to exporting companies.

To view profiles on our Export Immigrant Directory complete the following steps.

  1. Select “Find a partner”
  2. Select the country of interest
  3. A list of our members, in that country, will then appear and you can find out more information about each person by selecting “View Details”
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  5. For additional information please contact Kisserup International Trade Roots Inc.

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